CORUNDUM: Ruby and Sapphire


Friday 13, 2018

Corundum is a mineral, an aluminum oxide. How dull aluminum oxide sounds, and yet how beautiful corundum can be!

If corundum is red, it is a ruby. If corundum is any other color, it is a sapphire. If it is any color other than blue, it is considered a fancy sapphire. Fancy sapphires come in a variety of colors, including yellow, purple, green, orange-pink, white, and black.

Ruby is the birthstone for July. Sapphire is the for September.

Some people believe gemstones have metaphysical powers and attribute different abilities to different stones.

Blue sapphires symbolize wisdom and good judgment. They increase concentration and self-discipline. They also stand for faithfulness and sincerity.

Star sapphires represent divine knowledge and angelic protection.

Yellow sapphires bring wisdom and prosperity. They focus ambitions and help the wearer find financial gain.

Pink sapphires stimulate love and strength of heart.

Black sapphires are for spiritual protection. Some people believe they are especially useful for job-seekers.

Padparadsha (pinkish-orange) sapphires encourage creativity and spirituality, making them especially prized by writers and artists.

Green sapphires symbolize compassion and fidelity. Some people believe that they make it easier to remember dreams.

White sapphires are for clarity of mind, wisdom, and spiritual strength.

Purple or violet sapphires aid in meditation and spiritual awakening.

Rubies symbolize prosperity, wealth, and generosity. They also stand for love and passion.

Corundum is especially popular in engagement rings. Blue sapphires are considered symbolic of long-term relationships, making them perfect for engagement rings. HRH Diana, Princess of Wales, and her daughter-in-law, HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wore the same sapphire and diamond ring. Rubies and pink sapphires are the color of love. White sapphires resemble diamonds and can be used instead of them.