How to Care for Your Ruby

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Wednesday 18, 2018
Whether you've received a ruby as a gift or purchased it for yourself, you want it to continue to shine. Rubies are a nine on the Mohs Scale, which means that they're one of the harder gemstones you can find. Because of this, they're pretty sturdy--but they can still get grimy after months or years of wear.

Believe it or not, the best home care for keeping your ruby clean is to wash it with warm, soapy water. However, there are some instances when special cleaning needs apply.

If your ruby is untreated, heat-treated, or lattice diffusion treated, you can use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. An ultrasonic cleaner looks like a canister of sorts, and can cost anywhere from about one hundred to much more, depending on your needs. A steam cleaner, on the other hand, looks a bit more like a Keurig (don't confuse the two!) and costs a lot less than an ultrasonic cleaner.

If your ruby has fractures or cavities, you should only use a damp cloth to clean it, so as to not worsen the fracture or cavity by incorporating abrasive materials. Make sure that the damp cloth is soft enough not to risk damage to the gemstone.

No matter what type of ruby you have, keeping it clean isn't difficult, and can prolong the gemstone's shine. If you're giving someone a ruby as a gift, make sure they know how to properly care for it so that they can get the most enjoyment out of your generous gift.