Rare Burmese Ruby Fetches Record Price for a Colored Stone


Friday 13, 2018

"The Sunrise Ruby" at Auction

In May of 2015, "The Sunrise Ruby" fetched an unprecedented 26.25 million Swiss francs (approximately $30.33 million dollars) at a Sotheby's auction of Magnificent and Noble Jewels in Geneva. According to The Telegraph, not only is this a record sale price for a ruby, it is the highest price ever paid for a gemstone that is not a diamond. Business Insider notes that the sale broke the previous record in November of 2014, which was held by the Graff Ruby, almost three times over.

A Unique Ruby

The rare gemstone is over 25 carats and is graded with the rare "pigeon's blood" color. The stone was part of a Cartier jewel collection from Myanmar (also known as Burma). The National reports that the chairman of Southeby's international jewelry division, David Bennett, remarked, "“In over 40 years, I cannot recall ever having seen another Burmese ruby of this exceptional size possessing such outstanding colour.”

Other Marvelous Treasures

The unique collection hosted a number of other notable treasures for gem lovers. The auction showcased an over 8.7 carat pink diamond believed to belong to Napoleon's niece, Princess Mathilde Bonaparte. "The Historic Pink" had been kept in a bank vault since the 1940s and fetched $15.9 million dollars at auction. Other exciting items from the auction include a necklace made from over 78 natural pearls which broke a world auction record and a necklace with a floral motif and nine pear-shaped stones crafted with over 190 carats of diamonds.

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