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Welcome to Gemjunky - your one-stop destination for beautiful gemstone necklaces. Available in almost all colors imaginable, our collection of necklaces is the perfect place for you to find striking accessories to dress up your everyday outfits. Choices are unending. Take your pick from lapis lazuli, aquamarine, quartz, sapphire, amethyst, moonstone, pearls, zircon, opal, tourmaline, emeralds and so much more.... Have your eyes set on a ravishing rose quartz strand necklace? How about a blue sapphire and pearl necklace for a special occasion? Or do you want something for more simple like a light amethyst crystal necklace? We also have handmade carnelian necklaces for sale. No matter which gemstone your heart desires, at Gemjunky’s carefully curated collection, you will surely find it all.

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Birthstones have been around for centuries and are undoubtedly beautiful additions to your jewelry collection. What's more, they also make great gifts! Whether it is a birthday, a wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day, our birthstone jewelry is an excellent choice of gifts. At Gemjunky, discover the most exquisite birthstones and birthstone necklaces. Explore our collection to shop for the perfect birthstone piece for yourself, a relative or a friend. Choose from our baroque pearl choker necklace, quartz nugget necklace, crystal moonstone pendant necklace, aquamarine choker necklace, turquoise three-strand necklace and amethyst birthstone necklace for sale, among a multitude of other exciting styles. Did you know that each birthstone tells a story? It holds meaning, power, and spiritual symbolism. For instance, the birthstone of January is garnet and it symbolizes loyalty and devotion; July’s birthstone is ruby, which stands for strength, integrity, and confidence; Sapphire, which is the September birthstone, epitomizes truth and commitment. Shop for a birthstone piece at Gemjunky that you and your loved ones will cherish forever!

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High quality, authenticity and unmatched beauty - our gemstone necklaces embody all the qualities that make them the perfect jewelry choice for you. Whether you purchase our tourmalinated quartz pendant necklace or teal blue necklace set online, we can assure you 100% satisfaction with your purchase. Call us at 919-717-0090 or email at if you want more information about our jewelry or gemstones.




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