Emeralds - The May Birthstone
Emerald, the mystical gemstone that was a favorite of Cleopatra and numerous Maharajas of India is one of the oldest known gemstones. Its first reliable reference dates back to 3500 BC in Egyptian records.
How to Care for Your Ruby
Whether you've received a ruby as a gift or purchased it for yourself, you want it to continue to shine. Rubies are a nine on the Mohs Scale, which means that they're one of the harder gemstones you can find.
Welcome to the Gemjunky world
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Spinel, the Misunderstood Gemstone
 are frequently mistaken for other gemstones. The most famous spinels in the world, the Black Prince's the Timur Ruby, are both part of the British crown jewels. Neither are rubies. They are spinels
Sapphire, the Gem of September
Besides being known as September’s birthstone, a Sapphire ring was the choice of Princess Diana for her engagement ring. It is now worn by her daughter-in-law Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
Lapis Lazuli: From Ancient to Contemporary
Lapis Lazuli, often simply referred to as "Lapis", decorated the funeral mask of "King Tut", the famed young Egyptian pharaoh. In fact, it was first discovered in the area we now call Afghanistan, where it has been mined since possibly around 7000 BC.
CORUNDUM: Ruby and Sapphire
Corundum is a mineral, an aluminum oxide. How dull aluminum oxide sounds, and yet how beautiful corundum can be!
Rhodochrosite: Basic Facts about an Extraordinary Gem
This distinct gem, despite its rather mechanical sounding name, is a classic beauty prized for its ruby-to-pink color, and in some cases, naturally occurring clarity.
PERIDOT: August Birthstone
The Romans called it the 'emerald of the evening' and it is possible that Cleopatra's emeralds were actually peridot. This birthstone of August is usually prized in its brilliant green color and it also occurs in a yellowish-green to olive color.
[EDITED] All About Aquamarine
The beautiful Aquamarine gemstone is a favorite among jewelry designers and natural healers. It possesses many highly sought after properties and brings beauty to any wearer! Read below to learn more!
RUBY: July's birthstone
Rubies are associated with the color red — ruby red lips, ruby red cars, even ruby red grapefruit juice (which is actually a very dark pink).It's for a good reason.
Rare Burmese Ruby Fetches Record Price for a Colored Stone
In May of 2015, "The Sunrise Ruby" fetched an unprecedented 26.25 million Swiss francs (approximately $30.33 million dollars) at a Sotheby's auction of Magnificent and Noble Jewels in Geneva.